Welcome to UNC Asheville,
Learn on Line

Logging into UNC Asheville's Learn on Line:

  • Faculty and Staff will login using your UNCA security password which in most cases will be the same as your OnePort login.
  • Students will login using your OnePort username/password combination.
  • This password expires every 90 days. After it expires it may continue to work with OnePort and email, but it will not work for Moodle.
  • If your login does not work, the first solution is to reset your password for OnePort. Click here to reset it.
  • If you have reset your password and you still cannot log into Moodle, contact the ITS helpdesk and have them check your Active Directory account.
  • If you do not remember your OnePort password, click here to reset it.

We have been experiencing some performance issues with Moodle today.  To address these issues, Moodle be taken off line at 10pm for approximately 10 minutes

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